Target Heart Rate

Chances are, you've read articles or heard people talk about achieving your target heart rate. But when you're told you should exercise hard enough to get your target heart rate in the 60% to 80% range, what does that mean to you? What should you're heart rate be to be in the target zone?

The target heart rate is based on your age and current fitness level. You're current fitness level for determining your target heart rate is your resting heart rate. So to calculate your target heart rate, all you'll need to know is your resting heart rate.

The actual calculation for determining your target heart rate is:
(((220 - your age) - resting heart rate) x target heart rate %) + resting heart rate

To make your life easier, we've created a target heart rate calculator to determine your target heart rate. Simply enter your age in years, your resting heart rate and the target heart rate you're targeting for (e.g. enter 70 if you want to calculate your actual heart rate if targeting a 70% of your heart rate):

Your age:
Your resting heart rate:
Target heart rate %:
Your target heart rate is:  

To determine your target heart rate zone, do the target heart rate calculation for the minimum target heart rate and maximum target heart rate. Your target heart rate zone will be between the 2 results.

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