Calculate Your 1 Repetition Maximum Lift

The usual way to determine your physical strength is by seeing how much weight you can lift. Whether it be the bench press, squat, dead lift, or other form of lift, the normal test is to lift as much as you can in a single lift. The strain on your body this causes is asking for an injury. Common sense should tell you that it's much safer to put less weight on the bar and lift it more times.

Wouldn't it be nice to know what your maximum lift is without straining on a single lift? There is!!!

To use our calculator, lift a weight light enough that you can lift multiple times but heavy enough that you can't lift more than 12 times. Between 4 and 8 repetitions would be a good range to target with the weight you choose. Although this may not be 100% accurate, it is close and much safer then pushing your body to a maximum single repetition lift.

Weight Lifted:
Your 1 repetition maximum is:  

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