Fitness Tools

Knowledge is good

To take a quote from National Lampoon's Animal House: "Knowledge is good". The more you know about your health and fitness, the more likely you will be to be motivated and make improvements. We've included several fitness tools and calculators to help you determine your current fitness level. Some of these tools are also used within our Fitness Tests.

Target Heart Rate: Learn about, and calculate, your target heart rate.

BMI: Learn about, and calculate, your BMI (body mass index).

Waist-to-Hip Ratio: Having an excess of body fat increases your chance for many health issues. But the location of your excess body fat may be one of the best indicators.

1-RM (one repetition maximum) Calculator: Preforming a 1 repetition maximum lift can be dangerous. Our 1-RM calculator and table makes your strength tests safer.

Heat Index Calculator: Calculate the heat index using current temperature and relative humidity. Use the result to determine if it's too hot to safely exercise outside.

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