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If you've been in a gym lately, you've likely seen those black and yellow straps hanging from a poll or from the ceiling. Most gym goers just walk past them or move them aside. That's too bad, because these suspension trainers (sometimes called rope trainers), likely the TRX brand, can give you an awesome workout.

The idea behind suspension trainers is to use your body weight as resistance to perform the exercises. Using your body weight as resistance helps build strength, while doing the exercises using the straps helps develop flexibility, balance, core strength, and joint stability.

Modifying the amount of resistance couldn't be easier. Just move closer or further from the anchor(where the straps attach to the base: bar, ceiling, door, etc.). The length of the straps can also be easily modified to change the amount of resistance or to make the exercises more comfortable.

I use suspension trainers for my clients, and for myself, all the time: on a TRX in the gym and a Jungle Gym XT at home. There are many different ways to attach them for use in your house, such as on a chin up bar, behind a closed door, to your wall or ceiling, or even outside over a tree limb. And since they are small and light, you can easily travel with them to be used anywhere, even in a park or a hotel room.

For a sample of some of the exercises you can do on your suspension trainer, go to our suspension training page.

For a full listing of all the suspension trainers for sale, go to the All Suspension TrainersSuspension Trainers for Sale shop.

TRX Suspension Trainer Basic Kit + Door Anchor

- Includes TRX suspension training P2 Model
- TRX Door anchor, TRX storage bag
- 2 Bonus workouts TRX endurance circuit and TRX metabolic blast
- 65-Minute basic training DVD and full-color 35 page workout guide
- 30-Day, 100% satisfaction guarantee

The TRX Suspension Trainer is known as the original suspension trainer. TRX is therefore considered the experts in suspension trainers. The TRX system is often synonymous with suspension trainers (as Band-Aid is synonymous with adhesive bandage and Q-Tip is synonymous with cotton swabs). If you're new to suspension training, and spending a little more on your suspension training system is not a problem, you can't go wrong with TRX.

Besides the extra cost, my only knock on the TRX is that the straps are connected to a single point on top. So you're body is in the middle of the "V". Not that this is necessarily bad, but you may feel a little uncomfortable with the straps rubbing your body during certain exercises and since the 2 straps are connected, you're limited to the angles of suspension.

The gym I train clients in has many TRX systems, as do most gyms that I've been to. My clients love them.

Advice: Highly Recommend
You can't go wrong by buying a TRX Suspension Trainer. As long as the price isn't an issue. If it is, look below at the Jungle Gym XT.

LifelineUSA Jungle Gym XT

Unlike many other suspense trainers, such as TRX, the Jungle Gym XT features a 'split design'. This allows you to adjust the width of the system from "V-shaped" to neutral to wide-angle suspension.

- Two Industrial suspension straps (8 feet each)
- Two Integrated easy-wipe handles and Easy-In Foot CradlesTM
- Two comfortable inline adjustment buckles
- Two Non-scuff door anchors and Two Strap end adjustors
- One Large, full color workout wall chart and One Instructional DVD with brochure

The Jungle Gym XT is the suspense trainer that I use. I have it attached to a pull up bar that's attached to a door, making it very stable. Set-up took only seconds and I was using it in minutes. I have absolutely no regrets buying the Jungle Gym XT and would recommend it to anyone looking for a suspension trainer.

Advice: Highly Recommend
Though not a big name in suspension trainers like TRX, the Jungle Gym XT is very popular. Less money than TRX is a big plus. And being 2 separate straps can make exercises more comfortable for many.

WOSS Trainer ELITE Suspension Trainer, Black, 1-Inch

- Top-adjusting portable light-weight 1-Inch wide Suspension Training System; made in the USA using US Military Webbing
- The system's center strap comes with two cam buckles at the top of the trainer to easily adjust the height of the trainer
- See the height of the handles off the ground while adjusting them; no cam buckle rubbing over your arm while doing push-ups
- Included Anchors: One 8-Feet split anywhere-anchor cam buckle strap; a 2.5-Feet double-loop strap and a length-adjustable padded 2.5-Feet door anchor
- This system comes with a nylon drawstring bag and with our "18 Full Body Quick Start Exercise" double-sided sheet to get you started right away

I have never used, nor have I ever seen the WOSS Suspension Trainer. A concern I have with it is the 1-inch wide straps. My Jungle Gym XT has 1 1/2 inch straps. I would think the thicker the straps the better. Since 1-inch straps may be sufficient. I've included this suspension trainer on my site to give shoppers additional choices and because it has received very good reviews.

Advice: Recommend
If TRX is out of your price range, and you don't like what you see with the Jungle Gym XT, then give the WOSS Trainer Elite a try. But those looking to use their suspension trainer as gymnastic rings may be concerned about the 1-inch straps.

SKLZ Power Strapz - Portable Weight Suspension Training System

- Portable suspension trainer gives you the tools to strengthen your chest, back, abdominals, arms and legs.
- Attaches over door to train anytime, anywhere.
- Numeric door anchor system for quick and consistent length adjustment and alignment.

I have never used, nor have I ever seen the SKLZ Power Strapz. They're less money than other suspension trainers and have received very good reviews, so a good alternative to first time suspension trainer buyers wanting to try it out.

A concern I have with this system is it looks like the only option for hanging the straps is over the door. This is good when travelling or if you don't want any permanent equipment attached to a door frame (such as a chin-up bar) or a wall, but personally, I don't like having the door behind me. I feel it prevents me from getting a full stretch on many of the exercises. Other Suspension Trainers have the over the door option plus other options (such as to a pull-up bar or a wall anchor) for hanging the straps.

I have this product as not recommended. But if you don't mind hooking it onto a closed door, of if other options are available for hanging the straps, then this SKLZ may be worth a try.

Advice: Not Recommend
I have to give a not recommend review on a product I've never used or even seen, but I just don't like what I see in the description with this item. And with similar products in the same price range, I'd pass on this.

GoFit Chin-Up Bar

- Perfect for chin-ups as well as a foot anchor for sit-ups and crunches
- Chrome plated bar with padded grips
- Adjusts to fit most standard width door frames from 28-Inch to 36-Inch
- Includes mounting hardware, tools required
- 250-Pound weight capacity

This chin-up bar is included on this page as on option for attaching your suspension trainer to. Though any solid chin-up that can support your weight should be fine, this chin-up bar is the one I use and very happy with. Easy to install and solid. Great for my suspension trainer as well as doing chin-ups and pull-ups.

Advice: Recommend
If you're looking for an easy and safe way to attach your suspension trainer, a chin-up is a great way to go. Just realize that you'll need to put a couple of screws in your door jam to secure the bar. But once in, you'll not only have a place to attach your suspension trainer, but you'll also have a new piece of exercise equipment for all kinds of great exercises.

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