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Being a Certified Personal Trainer, people are always asking me for training advice. When someone new to exercising asks about what exercise equipment they should buy, I always recommend starting with resistance bands.

When getting ready to train a client at their house, resistance bands are always the first thing I put in my gym bag. Even at the gym, where there are hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment, resistance bands are always in use. For more about resistance bands, visit our resistance bands exercises page.

Resistance bands, sometimes called exercise bands or loop bands, come in all shapes and sizes, resistance levels, colors, and prices. If this is your first time buying resistance bands, my suggestion would be to buy a pack with different resistance levels. This will give you the flexibility you need to do a variation of exercises, and have the ability to progress with you as you get stronger.

For a brief description of some of the exercises you can do with your resistance bands, go to our resistance bands exercises page.

Following are a recommendation for each main type of resistance band. For a list of all available bands, please go to All Resistance BandsResistance Bands for Sale shop.

Black Mountain Products Resistance Band SetResistance Band Set

- Bands Included: Yellow (2-4 lbs.), Blue (4-6 lbs.), Green (10-12 lbs.), Black (15-20 lbs.) and Red (25-30 lbs.). All bands have cushioned foam handles and are 48 inches in length.
- This stackable set of resistance bands can produce up to 75 LBS
- Features a metal clipping system on bands for attachment to soft-grip handles or ankle straps
- Includes a door anchor, exercise chart, carrying bag, ankle strap and starter guide
- Limited 90-day manufacturer's warranty

The reviews for this set of resistance bands are fantastic. One of the highest ranking products in the Sports and Outdoors category at Amazon. Five resistance bands give you almost unlimited options. Attach multiple bands to the handles to increase resistance beyond the individual bands resistance amount. The door anchor adds a lot of additional exercise options.

Advice: Highly Recommend
Everything you need to get started and for years to come. Though not the cheapest, they are the highest ranked in Amazon.

Waypor Set of 5 Exercise Resistance Loop BandsExercise Resistance Bands

- Manufactured using finest quality latex material
- 5 resistant bands with distinct resistance levels
   * 1 Green (Light 0.65 mm) Band
   * 1 Blue (Medium 0.80 mm) Band
   * 1 Yellow (Heavy 0.95 mm) Band
   * 1 Red (X-Heavy 1.10 mm) Band
   * 1 Black (XX-Heavy 1.25 mm) Band
- Choose from three different sizes
   * 10 x 2 inch
   * 12 x 2 inch
   * 12 x 3 inch
- Travel-friendly carry pouch
- 1 year warranty and full money back refund

Great reviews on these resistance bands/loops. These type of resistance bands look like giant rubber bands. To see the difference between resistance bands, go to our resistance bands exercises page.

This set comes with a 5 different resistance bands. So if these are your first set of resistance bands, this will give you the variety you need to start easy and progress as you get stronger. You also have your choice of 3 different sizes of loops.

Advice: Recommend
A great choice since comes with 5 resistance levels and a choice of sizes (length of loop). If you're not sure what size to get, I'd recommend the 10 x 2 inch for shorter individuals and the 12 x 2 inch for those that are taller. The 12 x 3 may be a little on the wide side making them uncomfortable for some exercises.

3 Pack of Long Exercise Bands (5 Ft) w/Door Anchor

- Great for Stretching, Workouts at Home, Flexibility and Strength - 3 long exercise bands, each 5 feet long and 6 inches wide
   * Easy Band (Yellow)
   * Medium Band (Blue)
   * Hard Band (Red)
- 1 Door Anchor
- Workout and Stretching Guide Included
- Lifetime Warranty

Another type of exercise resistance band. These bands are a single long and flat band. No handles needed. This type of resistance band is probably the most common type you'll find in physical therapy. For some exercise suggestions, go to our resistance bands exercises page.

This pack comes with 3 resistance bands of different resistance. Great for different exercises and for progression. Each 5 feet long guarantees a good stretch. And the included door anchor adds many additional exercises to your exercise routine.

Advice: Recommend
You can do the same exercises with this type of resistance band as with those with a handle, but you have to grab the actual elastic band. I think it makes it a little harder to get a good workout. But being flat, I find these type of bands are great for stretching and physical therapy.

Resistance Band Workbook: Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide to Stretching, Strengthening and Rehabilitative TechniquesResistance Band Workbook

- Simple to follow, straightforward book on resistance bands
- Illustrated and easy to follow
- More than 70 exercises with clear captions and step-by-step photos

There are a lot of books written specifically for resistance band training. This book was rated high on Amazon. For a full list of books on resistance training, go to Books on Resistance BandsBooks on Resistance Bands.

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