Foam Rollers

The 2 main differences between foam rollers is their length and density.

For starters, the diameter of most foam rollers is 6". Some travel foam rollers may be a little smaller.

The length of your foam roller should be decided based on whether or not you'll be travelling with it. The longer the roller, the harder it will be to travel with it. They're very light, but you're probably not going to be able to fit a 3 foot foam roller into your gym bag. The most common lengths of foam rollers are 12", 24", and 36", with 36" being the most popular size in gyms.

The next important decision you'll be making with your purchase of a foam roller is it's density. The more dense, the more pressure foam rolling will apply to your muscles. So newbies to foam rolling may want to start with a softer foam roller. After you've been rolling for a while, and your muscles are are more used to it, you may want to purchase a denser foam roller. Also, softer foam rollers normally don't last as long as the denser ones. They start to warp after a little while of use.

In general, the lighter color the foam roller, the softer it is. So usually, a white foam roller is the softest, while a black one is the firmest. But check with the manufacture before buying the foam roller if you're looking for a specific density.

There are also foam rollers with different variations of knobs and bumps on them. The belief is that these knobs will give you a better massage by really getting into the muscles. You may want to give them a try, but if you're not sure or your on a budget, you can't go wrong by getting a simple, round foam roller

For a brief description of some of the exercises you can do with your foam roller, go to our foam rolling exercises page.

For a full listing of all the foam rollers for sale, go to the All Foam RollersFoam Rollers for Sale shop.

Gold's Gym 24" Foam Roller

- 24" x 6" Massage Roller
- High-density
- Exercise chart included

If you're like me, you want to buy the exercise equipment from the big names. So you can't go wrong with equipment labelled with Gold's Gym name, right? WRONG.

This is the foam roller I have at my house. Nice size. Nice density. Gold's Gym along the side of the foam roller. But that's where the positives end. The roller is not perfectly round. Never was, even when I bought it. Still usable, but not enjoyable since it slides a little on the floor rather than rolling. Maybe this is why I'm not completely sold on foam rolling yet. I do use other foam rollers at the gyms I go to, and they are perfectly round. I was thinking that maybe I just got a bad one. Then looking at the only review on Amazon for this item, the reviewer said the exact same thing... this foam roller is not round. So, I'd say avoid this one.

Advice: Not Recommend
The foam roller needs to be perfectly round. Mine isn't. You may get lucky and get a good one, but with all the other options, why take a chance?

BEST Foam Roller For Muscle Massage - 13" x 5"

- 13" x 5" Foam Roller
- Advanced dual pressure design
- Hollow core ensures it is lightweight and easily portable
- Free Ebook instructions
- 100% Lifetime Guarantee

This is one of the foam rollers with knobs (or, as they call call it: Flexible Foam Nodules).

I haven't tried this one, but not only is this one of the most popular foam rollers in Amazon, it's one of the highest ranked items in the Sports and Outdoors category in Amazon. And with a 100% lifetime guarantee, you can't go wrong giving it a try.

Advice: Recommend
Not a traditional foam roller, but very cool. The extra features on this roller may just be a gimmick, but if you like the latest and possibly greatest, give this one a try.

ProSource High Density Extra Firm Foam Rollers, 36 x 6-Inch, Black

- 36" x 6" Black Foam Roller
- High-density

This is your basic, black, high-density foam roller that you're likely to see at a gym. One of the higher ranked foam rollers on Amazon. If the price is right, go for it.

Advice: Recommend
Whether you buy this foam roller or another one, if it's not perfectly round when you get it, return it. It won't become round after use, and you're not going to enjoy it as much as you will a perfectly round foam roller.

j/fit Basic Foam Roller, 36 x 6-Inch, White

- Foam roller sizes available: 6" x 12", 6" x 24", and 6" x 36"
- White foam roller usually means not as dense

I haven't used this specific foam roller, but I have used i/fit exercise equipment and have always been very happy with the quality. I don't see anything from the description about how dense this foam roller is, but since it is white, one can assume it is on the softer side.

Advice: Recommend
Only for beginners or those with a reason to use a softer foam roller. For all others, buy a very dense one (usually black).

Foam Roller Workbook: Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide to Stretching, Strengthening and Rehabilitative TechniquesFoam Roller WorkbookResistance Band Workbook

- Clear captions and step-by-step photos
- 50 foam roller exercises for posture, balance and relaxation
- Special programs to enhance your sporting life, whether you hit the track, the court, or the slopes

There are a lot of books written specifically for foam rollers. This book was rated high on Amazon. For a full list of books on foam rollers, go to Books on Foam Rollers.

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