Standing Tandem Balance Test

One of the most overlooked aspect of all-round fitness is balance. But for all our fitness activities, your improvements will be limited based on your balance. And as we age, balance is one of the first things to go. The result: falls resulting in injuries.

Your balance can easily be improved. But first you'll want to see where your current balance level is, and use this result to compare to future tests.

To perform the standing tandem balance test, do the following:
- Remove your shoes (not required, but will test more accurately without shoes)
- Stand tandem (one foot directly in front of the other, with the toe of one foot touching the heel of the other foot)
- Cross your arms across your chest, with each hand touching the opposite shoulder
- Close your eyes

Record how long you were able to stand in this position until one of the following occurs:
- Lose your balance
- Move your feet or arms
- Open your eyes
- You've completed over 60 seconds

It's best to have somebody with you to time you and to support you in case you start to fall. If by yourself, be careful. If you feel like your losing your balance, open your eyes, move your foot, grab something for support, or whatever it takes to regain your balance. This test is a lot harder than it looks.

Standing Tandem Balance Test
Gold Excellent
> 60 seconds
Silver Acceptable 30 - 60 seconds
Bronze Inadequate < 30 seconds

To get exercise routines and suggestions to improve your balance, go to the Balance page in the Exercises section.

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