Fitness Tests

Following are fitness tests that can be used to determine your current fitness condition and to compare your fitness level with others your age, with the primary intent to motivate you to exercise and improve your own fitness level. Be sure you are warmed up before performing any of these exercises. Visit our warm ups page for fun and effective warm ups to help avoid injuries.

Please review our disclaimer before taking any of our fitness tests or following any of our exercise suggestions.

Fitness Screenings and Assessments

1. Overall fitness: a series of pass/fail tests to check your overall fitness.
2. Body composition: tests and calculations to determine your leanness (body fat vs. muscle).
3. Blood pressure: see what health risk category your blood pressure falls under.
4. Functional Movement Screening, or FMS: tests to determine weaknesses or imbalances in your movement pattern.

Muscular Strength/Endurance

1. Push ups: to test your upper body strength and muscle endurance.
2. Sit ups / curl ups: to test the strength and muscle endurance of your mid section (abs/stomach).
3. Squats / deep knee bends: to test your lower body strength and muscle.

Muscular Strength

1. Bench press: to test your upper body strength.
1. Leg press: to test your lower body strength.

Cardiovascular Fitness

1. 1-mile walk: a less strenuous way to test your endurance.
2. 1.5 mile run: a more strenuous way to test your endurance.

Flexibility / Balance

1. Sit and reach: to test flexibility of your back and hamstrings.
2. Tandem balance: to test balance with eyes closed.
3. Stork-stand balance: to test balance standing on one foot.


If this is your first time taking our fitness tests, don't be too concerned about your results. What's important is that you care enough about your health to take the test. The next step is to take steps to improve your results by making changes toward a more healthy lifestyle, including exercise and nutrition. Once a month or so, take the fitness test(s) again and notice your improvements.

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