No equipment needed. Can be done anywhere at anytime. And what's best is that stretching has been show to improve athletic performance and decrease the risk of many injuries by improving flexibility and range of motion.

Much more to come soon. For now, this page is just a start of what's to come.

A couple of suggestions and warnings when it comes to stretching:

  • Stretching is not a warm up. You should already be warm before stretching. Or stretch after your workout.
  • Dynamic stretching is a great form of stretching that combines stretching with warm-ups. Examples include walking while lifting your knees or feet up high, side bends, toe touch to reach the sky, arm cirlces, etc.
  • While doing static stretching, don't bounce. Hold each stretch for 30 seconds or so.
  • Feel tension while stretching, not pain.
  • Look to stretch all your major muscle groups.


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