Introduction to our Exercises

If you're new to this site or a novice to exercise, a good start towards a lifetime of fitness would be to take our some of our Fitness Tests. Even if you've been exercising for years, our fitness tests are a fun way to compare your fitness level to others your age and motivate you to move towards the next level.

When you're ready to workout, go to the Routines page in this Exercises section, then select the level of fitness you achieved in our fitness test. These pages will give you some ideas on workouts for your level of fitness.

Following are other topics in this Exercises section:

EquipmentAlthough free weights and freehand exercises are the staples of working out, there are new types of fitness equipment coming out every day. We feel that most of these new types of equipment are gimmicks. But there are several that may be worth your investment. We've tried many and will discuss them, as well as standard equipment, in this section.
Warm UpNo matter how little time you may have to exercise that day, never skip your warm up. To reach your fitness goal, you have to exercise consistently. To do this, you have remain injury free. Warming up before every exercise season is a must. Our warm up section includes light stretches getting you ready for your workout.
RoutinesIn this section, we'll give you suggestions for exercise routines based on your current fitness level.
CardioTo reach your fitness goal, you have to include cardio in your workout. Plus, there's nothing better for losing weight. In this section, we discuss a few different cardio exercises and an overview of target heart rate.
StretchingThere are some who say to stretch before you exercise, and others who say to stretch afterwards. I'm with those who say "after". Light stretching during warm ups is a good idea, but strenous stretching before your muscles are warmed up should be avoided.
BalanceEver feel like your about to fall, but was able to stop yourself? Our balance is something we take for granted. But improving your balance will make a big difference in improving all your athletic performances. And as we age, we start to lose some of our balance. So performing balance exercises during every exercise session is not only beneficial for your performance, but also for preventing injuries.

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