Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is taken via a blood pressure cuff. You may have your blood pressure value from a recent doctors visit. Or may have had had your blood pressure taken at your local drug store or health club. You may even have your own blood pressure cuff.

Different blood pressure cuffs, and different people taking your blood pressure, may result in different values. So whatever your result is, it is often best to have your blood pressure taken a second time. If you're at all concerned about the results, see your doctor.

The following chart lists the commonly accepted risk classifications for blood pressure results for adults who are 18 years of age and older. As with all fitness tests on this site, we've broken the blood pressure results into gold, silver and bronze. But unlike other fitness tests, the "silver" category is not good. You may not be at risk, but you are considered borderline and you should discuss your results with your doctor.

Please only consider this chart as a reference. If the values shown on this chart cause you any concern, contact your doctor.

"Systolic" is the first number in your blood pressure reading and "Diastolic" is the second number. So if you're told your blood pressure is 120 over 80, your systolic number is "120" and your diastolic is "80".

Blood Pressure
Gold Normal
< 120
< 80
Silver Pre-hypertension
Bronze Hypertension
 Stage 1
 Stage 3

>= 160


>= 100

If your blood pressure falls within the "Silver" standard, doctors may try to bring it down through lifestyle changes such as weight loss, exercise, sodium (salt) restriction, and stress management. For those in the "Bronze" standard, medication along with lifestyle changes are often the action taken.

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