Enjoy life more by improving your fitness

Do you want to lose weight? Get in better shape? Improve your health? Get rid of aches and pains? Make exercising fun and stick to it?

Personal Training choices to help you reach your fitness goals


- FREE fitness screening
- FREE goals discussion and planning
- Then a FREE one-on-one personal training session

Some of my specialities include: weight loss, improved quality of life as we age, more endurance to play with your children/grandchildren, improved fitness for golfers, preparation for running races of all distances, eliminate aches and pains through exercises for many non-medical conditions, and more.

For those who enjoy the personal attention, want results quickly and safely, and live in the central New Jersey area, I still have some availability to come to your house and train you. Even if you don't have your own equipment, I can bring what's needed to help you reach your goals.

Our first session, including a goal discussion, functional movement screening, analysis of screening, and fitness results strategy is FREE. Our second session, a one-on-one personal training session designed for you, based on your goals and current fitness level, is also FREE.

Following is a general idea of the locations I travel to in New Jersey (let me know if you'd like to discuss your particular location): Parts of Monmouth, Middlesex, Mercer and Ocean Counties. Towns in those counties in NJ include: Millstone Township, Manalapan, Monroe, Freehold, Cranbury, Englishtown, Jamesburg, Hightstown, East Windsor, Allentown, Robinsville, Perrineville.

Please contact me to schedule your free first session or if you have any questions.


Hiring a Personal Trainer is not for everyone. Especially having one come to your house. So I've added online personal training as on option. For the price of a single session with a Personal Trainer, you can have my attention for an entire month.

I no longer use one of those automated personal training sites. Don't be fooled. Most of those sites just send you a pre-designed training program. That's how Personal Trainers of those sites can handle hundreds of clients. All my training, whether in your home or online, gets my personal attention.

Prices are based on the amount of my time you'll need, which will be determined following our FREE telephone discussion. Please go to the Contact page for details.

Compare your fitness level to others your age
Take one, or several, of our fitness tests. We have many fitness tests / assessments to choose from in our Fitness Test section. See your current fitness level and what you need to do to improve on it. Take the test often to see how your exercise program is improving your fitness.

Treat yourself to new fitness equipment
Reward your hard work with some new exercise equipment. We have a Shop page to help you find training items you may need. Our reviews and suggestions from a Certified Personal Trainer will help you get the best equipment at the best prices.

Fitness tools to make you fitness smarter
Stay in the zone. We even offer you tools to help you with your exercise routines. Starting with a calculator to determine your target heart rate and also a calculator to determine your BMI. More tools added regularly.

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